Cloud Hosting Services

What is cloud computing and why should I consider it?

Cloud computing is a term applied to a number of services that are supplied to consumers and businesses via the Internet. In essence the cloud computer is a virtual computer that resides in the internet. That is to say that it does not exist in your home or business but in the data centers of the cloud computing providers like ByteLok. Access to cloud computing resources is typically via your browser or web client software.

Presently, the most common cloud computing services offered to businesses and consumers are remote backup services, project management services, video collaborative services, and online software applications including contact/lead management applications and accounting applications. ByteLok takes the cloud one step further, and provides complete private cloud hosted IT systems packages which can include some or all of the following:

  • Email Services – Hosted Microsoft Exchange server with your company branded email. Exchange server will give you the ability to share calendars, share contact lists, synchronize with your handheld and much more.
  • File Services – Have all of your company related data stored safely on enterprise grade fully redundant servers, and never lose another file. Automatic backups, redundant power and cooling and 100mb fibre optic network enure that you will always be able to access your valuable data
  • Remote Desktop – A hosted Remote Desktop server is the key to the private cloud offering. With remote desktop, your users will have access to their workspaces from almost any device that is connected to the internet. Power out in your offices? No problem, send your employees home to continue working from there. Want to have a look at your year end report but you’re on the beach in Hawaii? No problem, connect to remote desktop from your iPad and take a look!
  • Other Services – Many other services are available including SQL Servers, Application Servers, BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, Web Servers etc. We can custom design a complete Enterprise Solution for your company that is scalable, highly available, high performance and cost effective.

Cloud computing services are currently very affordable and business owners have come to appreciate that they do not have to invest in an expensive infrastructure in order to access the benefits provided by cloud computing services. ByteLok IT Solutions provides that infrastructure with redundancy already in place that is cost prohibitive for most small and medium businesses. Another advantage is that remote access to business information can make business management easier if used well.

Many business owners are still concerned about the cons associated with cloud computing services. You may be concerned about sharing highly sensitive material in a virtual cloud environment that other businesses are using at the same time, or about interruptions in Internet service which can result in business downtime and loss of money. Rest assured, that all of our private cloud business customers are on dedicated virtual servers which have no contact with each other, and all are protected by firewalls to prevent any outside intrusions. At ByteLok we have invested heavily in an infrastructure that is highly available, including generator backup power, redundant cooling and redundant internet feeds. You will be provided with a Service Level Agreement which includes our commitment to backups, security measures, service and uptime guarantees.

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