Infrastructure Design

At the heart of any successful organization is a solid IT Infrastructure.

At the heart of any successful organization is a solid IT Infrastructure. ByteLok offers the expertise to ensure that the right equipment and design come together to yield real business benefits.

Our team has designed and architected solutions for companies of all sizes, from single server small offices to multiple-branch global organizations with dozens of servers. If you are considering an infrastructure upgrade or planning for a new server room for your business, let us help you make the right choices. We can assist you with all aspects of the design, budget, construction and procurement and implementation of equipment.

Regardless of size, the four factors in any infrastructure design project are:

  • Scability – planning for the expected growth of the company and its IT requirements over the next three to five years
  • Availability – setting expectations for uptime and designing a system to accomodate those expectations
  • Performance – tailoring the system to deliver the highest possible performance to the end users while keeping within budgets
  • Cost – delivering the best possible solution for the lowest cost, and providing the greatest value for dollars spent

At ByteLok we take infrastructure design very seriously. The initial planning, design and implementation determines the success of the entire project, and impacts the future service requirements of the systems. A well designed and deployed project means lower costs for the customer going forward, and that is our ultimate goal. Whether you are considering a new server for your small office or looking to revamp your enterprise infrastructure, we can help. Call us before you make any moves, and we will do a full analysis of your existing systems, discuss your business and it’s specific processes, and build requirements for the upgrade/replacement. We will work together with our partners to design a system that follows the guidelines of the four factors listed above, and offer you competive prices for hardware, software and implementation.

Ask us about managed service plans for your new or existing systems. We offer proactive monitoring for your servers, workstations, printers handheld devices and much more!